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Product Stewardship implementation

The aim of this strategy is to give guidance on implementing Product Stewardship in a chemical company, based on experiences from Akzo Nobel.

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Product Stewardship is a code about responsibly managing the health, safety and environmental aspects of a product throughout its life cycle. More information about Product Stewardship (hence referred to as PS) can be found here.

This strategy is intended for people being assigned to implementing PS in a chemical company, but can be used by anyone as a guideline for implementing PS or similar systems.

The strategy describes how PS was implemented in the management system of the Akzo Nobel subsidiary Ethylene Amines and also how information was spread and people involved within the company. In this case Akzo Nobel Corporation had adopted PS and put a demand on the subsidiary companies to implement it in their organisations. One person cannot make PS work by themselves. Management has to be committed and every employee has to take an active part in the PS work. Akzo Nobel Corporation has therefore issued a guideline for the implementation of PS in the subsidiary companies.





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